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Text On A Cup

You see many graphics today with text wrapped around an image. Many people us it to design logos for their websites or to meet other business needs. Well here is a tutorial that will teach you how to make your own graphic with wrapped text.

Step 1: First download the image that is below. You can really use and image but for this example lets just use a coffee cup.

coffee cup.jpg

Step 2: Open PhotoShop.

Step 3: From the top menu select File>Open. Navigate to the directory the you saved this image to.

Step 4: After you have opened the image, create a new layer (Layer > New > Layer or you can also press Crt + Shft + N).


Step 5: Now we will write the text that will go on the coffee cup. You are writing text in the new layer that you just created. First we want to open the Character Window (Window > Character). It should bring up a box like this:


Change around the text anyone you want. You can play with this until you find a text that you like, but for this tutorial I am going to use Comic Sans MS with font size 30pt.

Step 6: On the tool pallete select the text option.


Select a region on the coffee cup where you want the text to display. The image below shows where I placed the image. Then you can write where text you like in that box.


Step 7: Now we want to wrap the text around the coffee cup (Layer > Type >Warp Text). This will bring up the wrap text dialog box. The settings should be similar to what is below.


Step 8: Then you can move the text around the coffee cup to get it center or to a position that you want it at. Make sure you are on your text layer then press v and move the arrow keys.

Step 9: You are finished and have an image with the text wrapped around it. You should have something like the image below:


Congrats on your sweet wrapped text! Enjoy your image!!!!!!