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Happy 2012 (almost!)

With the new year, finally I have decided to change the layout of my site. Hope you like it.

In this new layout everything fits into its place perfectly - even the ads.

What to find on my site?

Windows XP Tweak Guides
Spyware Protection Guides
Internet Speed Boosting Guides
Ad Blocking Guides
Photoshop Tutorials.
Gmail, Yahoo! 360, Orkut, Wallop, 30gigs.com, Windows Live Messenger Invites and Windows OneCare Beta Invites
General and Technology Jokes

New Guides

Age Progression - Photoshop Tutorial No. 6
Fire Clouds - Photoshop Tutorial No. 5
Windows Registry Tweaks Guide v1.7

Coming Up

Spam Busting Guide
More Photoshop Tutorials