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Windows Live to Get First OEM Bundle

Microsoft will imminently announce its first PC-bundling deal for Windows Live.

Sources wouldn’t identify the PC manufacturer, but Dell is unlikely to be the partner. In May 2006, Google cut a deal with Dell for bundling its software and services.

Gateway, HP and Lenovo are likeliest candidates for the bundling deal, with the latter two offering biggest benefit to Microsoft, because of their global reach.

The initial bundling would be for the Live homepage and Windows Live Toolbar, according to sources. Live search also is expected to be included in the deal. Other products or services could come in the future.

Sources couldn’t comment on financial terms, if there are any. Software and services vendors typically pay PC manufacturers a bounty for placement on the Windows desktop, or—in the case of Vista—the Windows Welcome Center. Google ponied up $1 billion for its bundling deal with Dell.

Even if the deal were with a smaller OEM, such as Gateway or Sony, Microsoft could claim some advantage in its competitive position with Google. The Dell deal made Google the default home page and bundled in Google search and software, including its search tool bar. Microsoft’s bundling deal also would benefit the fledgling Live portal. Hitherto, PC manufacturers choosing a Microsoft portal had MSN as the choice.

The deal would come as uncertainty arises about the future of Windows Live. Two top Live executives—Blake Irving and Chris Payne—are expected to leave by summer. The deal confirms that Microsoft is, at least in some fashion, still committed to Live as a brand. Directionally, the bundling arrangement shows where Live is going. Last week, in a quiet executive reshuffling, some prominent Windows executives took on new roles in Microsoft’s Online Services group, which is responsible for Live.

Sources tell Microsoft Watch that in the months before the November 2005 launch of Windows Live, the operating system division began absorbing what had been previously been MSN. Recent executive changes reflect the Windows organization’s increasing role and control over MSN/Live. The bundling deal also reflects the directional shift, as MSN/Live moves away from being a separate online service to serving as an adjunct to bolstering either Office or Windows.

The bundling deal could give Microsoft competitors new fuel to fire complaints with government regulators. In its default configuration, Vista’s new Windows Welcome Center, which consumers see immediately on bootup, serves up offers to six Microsoft products or services, such as Windows Live OneCare and Search. In summer 2001, Microsoft opened up the desktop, allowing PC manufacturers to place whatever icons they chose there, as a concession in the U.S. antitrust case. Competitors could argue that the Welcome Center placement, which is highly prominent, negates the desktop icon concessions Microsoft made before Windows XP shipped. Liive bundling with a major PC manufacturer, particularly with the reach of HP or Lenovo, could add legitimacy to competitor complaints.

Because of the three-hour East-West coast time difference, Microsoft could not be reached for comment.

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Man sues Microsoft claiming IE failed to hide browsing habits

What do you do when the FBI raids your home and finds porn all over your PC? One man, who had his home computer seized by the bureau, has decided that his best course of action is to sue the companies that failed to keep that data private for him.

This week, Michael Alan Crooker filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts Supreme Court alleging that Microsoft falsely claimed that its products would keep his information secure. In 2004, Crooker had his home raided by agents based on reports that he owned bomb-making materials. Agents eventually discovered “laboratory devices, apparent IEDs, fermenting castor beans, chemicals and chemical equipment appropriate for the processing of castor beans into ricin, and what appeared to be ricin and ricin precursors in various stages of development, indicating that Crooker was successfully manufacturing ricin.” Unsurprisingly, the FBI confiscated his home PC as part of the process.

While Crooker did have an encryption mechanism installed to keep his porn, ballistics recipes, and data safe, the FBI’s Cryptologic and Electronic Analysis group were able to break through the Compaq DriveLock security layer with help from Hewlett-Packard. The agents found a wide array of files ranging from home sex videos to cached pornographic web pages, eventually embarrassing Crooker and leading to this lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Crooker argues that Internet Explorer was set to delete his browsing history after five days, but the software failed to do so. “Any day beyond those parameters is supposed to be permanently deleted and is not supposed to be recoverable,” he said. While Crooker’s claim against Internet Explorer may be valid, the bigger problem seems to be that Circuit City assured him when he purchased the PC in 2004 that Windows XP, Internet Explorer, and a barrage of other security products would keep his information totally secure.

A lawsuit filed by Crooker against Hewlett-Packard was thrown out in May 2006 due to Crooker’s inability to file the correct papers and pay a $250 filing fee. In the lawsuit against Microsoft, Crooker states that he has already reached settlement with both Circuit City and Hewlett-Packard. Crooker is seeking US$200,000 in compensatory and punitive damages from Microsoft.

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Windows Live Beta Community Invitation Send

Microsoft has sent out invitations for participation in a pre-release program dubbed the “Windows Live Beta Community”. The e-mail asks its recipient to head over to the Invitations section at Microsoft Connect and input the included invitation ID, after signing in with a valid Windows Live ID. A survey normally ensues, but this time the go button takes the invitee directly to the Windows Live Beta Community web page. The page isn’t anything special but it is more extensive than typical beta pages. For now, it is structured into 7 areas which answer simple FAQs. It is evident that the program is aimed at beta testers who are particularly active and genuinely want to help Microsoft develop and improve Windows Live products. What Microsoft has planned for these testers, however, is currently unclear, but the software giant made sure to throw out many Thank You already.

Today windows live does not have to use search engine optimization or even email marketing to bring people to it. This is success of marketing and this comes after a reliable web hosting deal and a great web design.

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TechmaniaWP Theme Released

Here is a huge list of widget themes for Wordpress. The is probably over one hundred themes on this list. Every theme on this list came from Wordpress reference and you will find a direct link straight to the author or designer’s page. This assures that when you do download a widget theme from the list for Wordpress, you are downloading the most current version.

Themes using WordPress Widgets

  • 3 column K2 (
  • Abstrakt3c (
  • Accidental Greyscale (
  • Almost Spring (
  • Anaconda (
  • Andreas01 (
  • Anthosia2 (
  • Anthosia3c (
  • Aquatic Adventures (
  • AqueousWP (
  • Around The Block (
  • Arial Reloaded (
  • Artistic Relief (
  • Bare Minimum (
  • Barthelme (
  • Basic 2 Column (
  • Be Inspired (
  • Beta (
  • Binary Blue (
  • Black Letterhead 1.2 (
  • Black, White, and Red (
  • Blix (
  • blog.txt (
  • Blue Leaves (
  • Blue Horizon (
  • Blue Moon (
  • Blue Quarter (
  • Blue Tech v1.1 (
  • BTNRB (
  • Burnin’R (
  • Citrus (
  • Clean Mint (
  • Connections Reloaded v1.5 (
  • Corporate Slave (
  • Country Love (
  • Crimson Sunrise (
  • Dago Pakar (
  • Dandy R3C (
  • Dark Maple (
  • DarkPad (
  • Day Dream (
  • Deep Blue Business (
  • Desert 2.0+ (
  • Disconnected (
  • Dusk (
  • Embellishment (
  • Faith (
  • Freshy (
  • fSpring (
  • Giraffe2 (
  • Golden Grey (
  • Gray Mantle (
  • GreenBeen (
  • Green Tea (
  • Greening (
  • Greyscale (
  • Hemmed (
  • I Haev Style (
  • Home Sweet Home (
  • Imhotep (
  • Indexnet (
  • InBusiness (
  • InternetMarket (
  • Jail Bird (
  • Jill Whiteclear 1.0 (
  • K2 (
  • KD03 (
  • Kickass-Noir (
  • Kubrick ( I had lost this version of Kubrick during a site move, but I plan do up another version of it again soon! Please be patient.. :)
  • Laila 2.0 (
  • Leaves Revamped (
  • Less is Purple (
  • LetoPrime (
  • Light (
  • LivingOS ALPHA (
  • LivingOS BETA (
  • LivingOS PSI (
  • LivingOS OMEGA (
  • Lush (
  • Mandigo (
  • mental offset ( A dark theme for 2.0 and 2.1
  • The Minimalist Sandbox (
  • Modern (
  • Monochrome (
  • Moonlight (
  • New Simpla (
  • Ocadia (
  • Off-center (
  • Omit Needless Elements (
  • OnLineBusiness (
  • Orange Crush (
  • OutThere (
  • Paper Cut (
  • Pastel Paradise (
  • plaintxtBlog v2 (
  • Pretty In Pink (
  • Pure Relief (
  • Qwilm (
  • Radix WPG2 (
  • Redbar (
  • Red is Nice (
  • RefreshWP 2.0 (
  • Regulus 2.1 (
  • Remember (
  • retroflowers (
  • Revved-Up (
  • Rounded (
  • Roundflow (
  • Rusty (
  • Sandbox v0.5 (
  • Satori (
  • Sheer Elegance (
  • Simple Blue (
  • Simple Grey (
  • Simple Grey Lily (
  • Simplr v1 (
  • Skewed Rainbow (
  • Sleep, Interrupted (
  • Sky (
  • Sky3c (
  • Solemn Orange (
  • Solemnity2 (
  • SoSuechtig 2.6 (
  • Split Personality (
  • Striped Plus (
  • Supercharged (
  • Tarski (
  • TechmaniaWP 1.0 (
  • Terracotta (
  • The Green One (
  • The Musil Theme (
  • Theorem (
  • Thirteen (
  • Three Column Black Letterhead (
  • Three Column K2 (
  • Three Square (
  • Tiga (
  • Tranquil Rose (
  • Twinkle, Twinkle (
  • Unsleepable (
  • Vast Blue Space (
  • veryplaintxt v2 (
  • Widget Gets Green (
  • Wordpress II Silver (
  • WPress Theme (
  • WP MegaPress (
  • WP2 Toni (
  • WP-Andreas09 (
  • WP Glass (
  • wpjeriko01 (
  • Wuhan (
  • Xoros Dark (
  • Yaletown (
  • Zero Cool (

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RefreshWP Theme

Please take time to look at my new RefreshWP Theme. You can find it at:

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How to increase download speeds of uTorrent

I find a nice article to increase the speed of downloading in utorrent. Hope you will find it useful.

Tags: utorrent, Torrent, Download, Speed, Optimise, Increase, Speed, Tips, Tricks, Tip, Trick

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Yahoo! Mail Beta Invitation Trick

Yahoo! Mail Beta is a hot new service but its invites are hard to come by. Firstly let me tell some truths about it.
1. Yahoo! Mail Beta is only for US users having .com accounts.
2. Yahoo! Mail Beta will not be available as of now for or other extension accounts but some exceptions are [...]

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TuneUp Utilities 2006 at Easter Price

Use your coupon code now
and save an amazing 25%: [...]

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AceHTML 6 Pro Free till 13 May…

Free copy of “Ace HTML Pro 6.0″ for Dynamic Drive visitors
Q: What’s the catch? Is this some sort of affiliate program?
A: No catch, and we (Dynamic Drive) don’t receive anything from the giveaway. Visicom simply contacted us to offer a free copy of Ace HTML Pro 6.0 to our visitors, and we accepted. It’s as [...]

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Free Forum/Email Sig Generator - Protection from Spam

Protect your real email address from spam by creating a graphics out of your email address as signature, this will prevent any email harvesters run on forums you are a member of from harvesting or fetching your email address because it’s a graphic.

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