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Miscellaneous Guides

To view the downloadable PDFs available on this site you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or above installed on your computer. It's a free download from Adobe's web site - www.adobe.com. Just click the link below to go to the download page...

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Open Source Alternatives for Windows (and other proprietary) Programs

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Alternatives for Windows and 3rdparty Expensive crippled programs like Office, Messenger, Notepad, Paint, Browser, E-mail, Regedit, System Restore, Search Tool, XP Firewall, XP Zip Folders, Defragmenter, Multimedia Players and CD/DVD-Burners, IE Download Manager.

Blocking Ads and Unwanted Content v1.3

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Types of Ads
Fighting With Ads
Flash Ads
Phishing Attacks Section
Bonus Tips - Internet Speed Boosting Tips
Bonus Tips - Browser Enhancing Guide v1.0

Batch Files Tutorial v1.0

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